About Us

Virtudes Co. is a wellness company
empowered by the natural quality of medical cannabis
for improving our everyday lives.

Hemp grown in lush Jamaican climate is the foundation for an organic and natural product that we audaciously aim to provide to the world. From seed to sale, we pledge to produce top-quality cannabis outputs in Jamaican farms with the integration of traditional and modern cultivation styles. The year-round sunshine and steady rainfall creates an ideal environment for flowers to produce industry-leading, outdoor grown medical cannabis.

As a global company, Virtudes is navigating a movement towards establishing credibility and value to one of the world’s more useful plants. With strong medicinal benefits, Cannabis-sativa (commonly known as hemp), is breaking down boundaries within every international industry.

At the intersection of experienced farming practices and centuries of cannabis cultivation knowledge, Virtudes is prepared to provide a high-end cannabis product that will also bring value back into its community. Virtudes is fully dedicated to being involved in the extensive research and development of the benefits and advancements of cannabis plants and their byproducts for both daily and medicinal health.

Property at Rotherwood in Lennox Bigwoods

4.9 M sf(113 Acre) Flagship Farm

20K+ sfProcessing Facility

The Farm

Virtudes’s farm is located in the resourceful mountains of Westmoreland, Jamaica. Known for having some of the world’s most famous cannabis, Westmoreland has ideal weather for the cultivation of organic cannabis.